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Terms & Conditions


Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing the contract shall be on the terms and subject to the conditions hereinafter set out.

  1. Estimates Unless otherwise stated, any estimate is based upon current prices and may be subject to fair and reasonable adjustment to reflect any alteration in price which may occur between the date of the estimate and the date of issue of an official company invoice/receipt or payment of same, whichever shall be later.
  2. Time Unless otherwise specifically stated and agreed by the Company in writing, time shall not be the essence of any contract once made. While every effort will be made to comply with customer’s wishes, the Company cannot guarantee a specific delivery date or time.
  3. Cancellations Cancellation will not be normally permitted unless the materials to be supplied cannot be obtained for any reason. The Company may then, at its absolute discretion cancel such part(s) of the contract so affected.
  4. Colour & Design Matching (a) Where two or more pieces of flooring are used on the same contract the Company will use its best endeavours to obtain a colour and/or design match but this cannot be guaranteed. (b) On a contract involving stairs it is almost impossible to achieve a design match on all areas. (c) With some types of carpet it is virtually impossible to achieve a design match e.g. printed or sculptured tufted carpets
  5. Pile Pressure & Shading All carpets especially those with plain grounds, are liable to shading, i.e. to show light and dark patches arising from unequal crushing of the pile surface. No action by the Company can prevent these tendencies which are inherent in all fabrics. The Company cannot accept any responsibility for complaints arising from these effects.
  6. Installation The Company does not undertake installation of any goods sold on this invoice. Installation is undertaken by independent fitters. The purchaser may choose a fitter recommended by the Company, or any other suitably qualified person.
  7. Payment The total amount shown on the invoice/receipt is due and payable to the Company in full on or before the supply of all or any part of the goods charged thereon.
  8. Retention of title Unless and until full payment has been received by the Company for all goods supplied, whether or not such goods are included on this invoice/receipt or any other invoice/receipt issued by the Company to the purchasers: (a) Ownership of the goods shall be retained by the Company and good title will not pass to the purchaser (b) The purchaser may not assign the goods to any third party. (c) Where goods have been supplied in the absence of payment or where payment is in default, the Company, its employees and authorised agents reserve the right to recover from the purchaser such goods to which the Company retains title and to recover from the purchaser in addition all or any costs arising therefrom. (d) In the event that any cheque, charge card payment or credit/debit card payment tendered in payment for goods supplied is subsequently dishonoured the purchaser will be deemed to be in default of payment and paragraphs 8(a), 8(b), and 8(c) will apply.
  9. Interest and Other Charges (a) Where payment is not received in full on or before the due date as defined in paragraph 7 above the Company shall be entitled to interest on the whole of the outstanding amount at a rate of 2% per calendar month or part month from the due date until such time as payment in full is received, (b) The Company reserves the right to vary the rate of interest from time to time, (c) In the event that a cheque payment, charge card payment or credit/debit card payment is dishonoured the Company reserves the right to make an administration charge of £20.00 for each item so dishonoured. Any administration charge so levied will be in addition to any amounts in default and Interest thereon
  10. Proper Law All contracts to which these Conditions apply shall be constructed in accordance with English Law.